Values & Pastoral Care

Strong Values & Pastoral Care at One of the Best Schools in Romania

Our school is particularly noted for the strength of pastoral care we provide to pupils and the strong sense of community amongst our international student body. As one of the best schools in Romania, we achieve this with class sizes that allow teachers to be attentive to all pupils, and a school that is medium in size. Being neither too large, nor too small, helps children to settle in quickly and makes them feel comfortable, as they transition from home to school or a new country.

BSB core values

We are aware that when parents are seeking out the best schools in Romania (particularly parents of Secondary School-age children), they need to know a school’s approach to discipline, respect and manners. At the British School of Bucharest, our strong core values include:

  • self-control

  • honesty

  • respect

  • equality

  • concern for others

The positive relationships that staff and children develop are built on these important values.

Our latest ISI inspection rated the school 'excellent’ in terms of the quality of pupils’ personal development, confirming how well we balance their personal and academic evolution. We are privileged to employ experienced teachers who are loyal to the school. Many of the teachers have been with us for several years and they support children with their social, emotional and personal development.

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