Drama Adds Value to the British Education System

Drama as a subject promotes both independence and collaboration. At our school, students are assessed on self-management, group work and effective participation.

Drama has an important place in the school curriculum and the British education system, building confidence and self-esteem, promoting skills such as public speaking and debate, and allowing students to explore situations in a way they may not feel comfortable with in real life. Having the opportunity to role play situations in this way supports students’ personal development.

The Secondary Drama ISTA trip

The yearly Secondary Drama International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) trip is always hugely successful, enjoyable and a great learning experience for all students involved. During this educational trip, they learned how to work together as an ensemble and collaborate with students from around the world. We send groups of Secondary Students to ISTA Festivals around Europe every year. There will be a visit to the ISTA Festival in Istanbul in October 2020 for High school students (KS4/5). We will also be hosting a middle school festival aimed at KS3 pupils in April 2021.

London Theatre Experience

On this trip pupils get the opportuntity to watch up to four professional shows, work with the cast and explore London itself. The Trip will offer Key Stage 4 and 5 students the chance to work with professionals. It is an excellent Trip for any students interested in Drama and music outside of the curriculum, studying Drama or Music GCSE or for students who are still interested in Drama despite not choosing it as a subject at school. It gives students the unique opportunity to work with students and professionals from all around the world.

Secondary Production

Every year pupils have the opportunity to get involved in the Secondary production through CCA’s. Next year we will be doing a musical. Pupils can get involved in the performance or technical side of things, a range of CCA’s are offered that include performance (acting, dance and/or singing), costumes, set, props and music (the band).

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