Applying to Universities in the UK

The UK University Entrance Programme uses analysis of predicted final A Level grades, as well as consideration of a detailed personal statement and the school reference. For many competitive courses, IGCSE/GCSE results are also an important factor, alongside interviews or even entrance tests at the most competitive institutions and courses.

Students wishing to apply to universities in the UK will apply through the UCAS system which is available online and administered by the School. The UCAS website is extremely useful. The small fee (around 30 Euros) is paid directly to UCAS.

Universities set minimum grade requirements for each of their courses, which are readily available on their websites. Some universities command prestige through academic achievement and therefore have higher grade requirements. This form of selection enables universities to enrol the right student for the course offered, and our Universities Team and other staff seek to guide students as much as possible at every stage of the process.

IGCSEs/GCSEs in both Mathematics and English Language (or their equivalent) are compulsory for entry to a UK university. If students do not have qualifications in these subjects, they will be required to retake them in Year 12. For students who join BSB in the Sixth Form and did not take IGCSEs, this requirement can be replaced by doing the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), which is the English Language examination favoured by UK universities and, depending on individual student circumstances, we may recommend that students study for this qualification. We actively support their preparation.

Please be aware that, after Brexit, Romanian and other European students are now eligible to pay International Fees at UK universities. The only exceptions to this are those with settled status in the UK.

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