Libraries for British School of Bucharest Pupils

The school libraries are an integral and important part of our overall programme and they support pupils with their development into successful and confident learners. We have excellent library facilities for the British School of Bucharest pupils with both the Primary Library (The Newlands Library) and the Secondary Library (The Crawford House Library) serving as resource centres for pupils and staff, encouraging the pursuit of individual interests and tastes. The libraries are overseen by a qualified librarian.

The Newlands Library

Each class from Pre-Nursery to Key Stage 3 visits the library weekly to acquire library skills, discuss their reading choices, enjoy story time or borrow books. Throughout Primary, we teach library skills lessons to help children to use the library independently.

The Crawford House Library

The library in the Secondary School is a focal point of learning for all students. Secondary students have open access to the library at any time during the school day to select reading material from a wide and varied selection of books as well as journals and magazines, or to source reference material for research, essays and projects. Students can find non-fiction on a variety of interesting topics and a continually updated collection of books for children and young adults.

Enabling the British School of Bucharest pupils to use the library on a needs basis for research ensures that our pupils maintain an unquenchable thirst for learning. With every visit to the library, students are encouraged to become creative, curious, confident and flexible learners, respecting their individuality and teaching strategies for handling information.

The Crawford House Library has a computerised catalogue to keep track of items on loan and make reservations for items.

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