From the Headmaster

Welcome from the Headmaster of the British School of Bucharest.

Most parents, I think, would agree that an ideal school will ensure that their children feel safe, happy and valued, while being stretched and supported academically and experiencing a wealth of opportunities outside the classroom. All of this should be coupled with clear values that will help their children develop and grow into responsible global citizens. I believe, as Headmaster of the British School of Bucharest, that this is such a school.

We focus on educating the whole person, and this remains central to the mission and ethos of our school. I am proud to work alongside our children – and with our loyal and experienced staff – in what is often described as an exceptionally friendly and welcoming community. We wholeheartedly agree with parents when they tell us how important it is for their children to be part of a community at school.

Our latest ISI inspection confirms my confidence in how we care for and develop children. The report deems the educational quality at the British School of Bucharest to be ‘excellent’ in terms of both the quality of pupils’ learning and achievements and the quality of pupils’ personal development. These findings are at the top of the scale used and cannot be bettered.

We provide a dynamic and progressive education that helps pupils be confident to strive for high standards in all disciplines and make a positive difference to the challenges of the modern world.

You are very welcome to visit our school, where you will have the opportunity to meet our thriving pupils and their exceptionally committed teachers, and to discover the friendly, energetic and enthusiastic environment that we pride ourselves on at the British School of Bucharest.

Philip Walters,

Phillip Walters

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