About the British School of Bucharest: Our Aims

  • To provide a comprehensive international education based on the National Curriculum of England.
  • To provide a strong intellectual foundation that prepares students to continue their education anywhere in the world.
  • To provide students with a positive, stimulating, secure and caring environment that encourages the fulfilment of individual potential and the growth of self-esteem in all areas - academic, social and personal.
  • To encourage students to engage in open enquiry, creativity, decision-making and independent thought.
  • To create an environment that develops knowledge and respect for different cultures, values and beliefs and to be active and responsible citizens of the world community.
  • To develop within students an attitude of individual responsibility, based upon the values of self-control, honesty, respect, equality and concern for others.
  • To foster partnerships between home and school in the learning process and engage the diverse resources and talents of our international community.