Fees & Deposits

Fees and Deposits for Admissions at the British School of Bucharest

Registration Fee

The registration fee is required to apply to the British School of Bucharest and is to be paid before submission of the Registration Files. The fee does not guarantee enrolment at the school.

The fee is:

  • for new students only
  • a one-off payment
  • a fixed amount (no discount is applicable)

Registration Fee 2019/2020

Years Fees

Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception

€ 800 / student

Year 1-Year 13

€ 3000 / student for 1st child
€ 1500 / student for 2nd child
€ 750 / student, for 3rd child
€ 0 / student, for 4th child

School fees

Please see below the details of fees at the British School of Bucharest. The school reserves the right to increase the school fees in the same proportion as the increase of one of the following factors:

  • inflation
  • operational costs
  • development costs

The school will give 90 days’ notice of any increase.

Reservation Deposit

€ 4000 / student

  • This deposit will be deducted from the 2019/2020 school fee. For further details about the Reservation Deposit, please see the Entry Requirements section above.
  • The school fees include: certain after-school activities and some local trips; daytime snack; insurance; personal Apple iPad for Years 7-13 (if requested); EAL (English as an Additional Language) lessons for the first 12 months; documentation certifying the completion of studies and exams (if exams are organised internally). The Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception school fees include lunch. Additionally, the Nursery and Reception school fees include one set of winter and summer uniform.
  • The school fees do not include: certain after-school activities and certain extra-curricular trips/ activities; private music lessons or instrument rental; school uniform; transport; lunch; one-to-one Teaching Assistant support; examination fees for Year 10-13; extended EAL (English as an Additional Language) lesson costs; Special Educational Needs (SEN) lesson costs; Educational Psychologist sessions; other ad-hoc services e.g. photos, letters and documentation. Costs for these optional services will be communicated before execution.

Fee schedule 2019/2020

Years Annual School Fee

Pre-Nursery (full day 08:30–15:00):

€ 9995 / student

Pre-Nursery (half day 08:30–12.30):

€ 7140 / student

Nursery-Year 6:

€ 19850 / student

Year 7-13:

€ 22390 / student

For invoicing and/or payments, please log in to the Parents’ Portal.