BSB Houses

British School of Bucharest House System

We encourage team spirit at every opportunity at the British School of Bucharest. Each student who joins our school is placed into one of the four academic Houses - Arges, Mures, Danube and Olt, named after the four major rivers in Romania. Pupils remain in their House throughout their time at the school and enjoy the opportunity to support their peers while representing their House in regular events and competitions.

The House system and House Competition are an integral part of school life, bringing the students, Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants from different year groups together across the entire school.

Students elect their own House Captains and work together as teams competing for House Points in various sporting, academic and cultural activities. Students are proud to wear their House colours of red, green, blue and yellow to cheer their House on to victory.

House Points are also awarded for good behaviour and acts of kindness and charity to encourage students to always think of others.

BSB Houses

BSB House Champions

2018/2019 Olt

2017/2018 Arges

2016/2017 Mures

2015/2016 Arges

2014/2015 Mures

2013/2014 Mures

2012/2013 Danube

2011/2012 Olt

2010/2011 Arges

2009/2010 Danube

2008/2009 Mures

2007/2008 Danube

2006/2007 Arges

2005/2006 Arges

2004/2005 Olt

2003/2004 Olt

2002/2003 Mures

2001/2002 Mures

2000/2001 Mures

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