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The year 2020 brought unexpected changes in our lives. However, our core values of self-control, honesty, respect, equality and concern for others remained unshaken because they are heavily rooted in our community and culture. As such, we continued to encourage and support our students, Teachers and the BSB staff to take an active role in community service projects and various fundraising activities while further pursuing the quest to be environmentally conscious.


and we show concern

#CONCERN for our planet by being kind to the environment

#CONCERN for others by being kind to our community

#CONCERN for eco-education by learning to be kind


Kindness is a quality which, although valued in theory, sometimes loses ground to other, more charismatic and showy virtues. However, at BSB, concern and kindness are fundamental because we want our students to grow up to be good people.

‘Volunteering is a great tool to foster empathy in children because it allows them to get in touch and tend to others’ needs with compassion and genuine understanding. Children who volunteer generally have a greater sense of social ability. They are friendlier and care for the well-being of others above their age expectations’. Laura Dumitrescu, Psychologist.


‘Even little things like throwing litter in designated bins, recycling, respecting and appreciating nature (carefully removing unwanted pests like insects and spiders rather than stamping on them or refraining from picking flowers), contributing to charitable activities as a family and exploring the history and traditions of other cultures can set the stage for children to be open to such experiences later in life’. Victoria Smith, Head of the Primary School


‘I have witnessed many times, not only in myself but in students, the sense of personal fulfilment and happiness that comes from volunteering and touching the lives of others’, Jason Porter, Head of Secondary.

Humans are hard-wired for social connections. Whenever we help other people, the eye-contact and smiling releases oxytocin, which is a hormone that helps us handle stress better. The social dynamics are still disrupted at the moment, so giving children a purpose and a cause to believe in is a great way to engage and empower them during these times.

‘Studies have demonstrated that both adults and children who volunteer experience something called a ‘helper’s high’— a feeling of joy, reduced stress and calm that lasts for a long time after helping others. Volunteering helps with depression and anxiety and it strengthens the immune system, a benefit that is especially significant now, during the Covid-19 pandemic’, says Laura Dumitrescu, Psychologist.


The Journey of the BSB Community, through volunteering activities and fundraising campaigns, teaching the children how to use our planet’s resources efficiently, by adopting green technologies and producing our energy, or sustainability actions and the highlights of the 2020 charity events are in the Community Report presented here.

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