Friends of BSB

Friends of BSB - An international Community in Bucharest

Introduction to Friends of British School of Bucharest (FBSB)

FBSB was formed to ensure that parents at BSB can be actively involved in the school community life. It gathers parents together, organising regular meetings, activities and workshops targeting the interests and needs of parents at an international school.

FBSB Communication

To support and develop FBSB we have appointed a coordinator within the school who you can contact at any time.

We have also chosen Classlist as our platform to give parents an easy tool to contact each other and to have all communications in one place.

All parents are invited to login to the Parents’ Portal and to read the ‘Classlist Fair Processing Notice’ and ‘Guidelines on BSB Policies’. After agreeing to these, they will receive an email invitation to join Classlist from the Friends of BSB Classlist moderator.

To learn more or for support contact us at

Classlist BSB

FBSB Newcomers Action

FBSB is happy to provide a Parent Buddy Program that helps and supports new families in BSB. If you are willing to volunteer as a Buddy or if you are a new parent, please contact Classlist moderator at

FBSB Enrichment Program

FBSB organises many enriching activities and events for BSB parents. Here are a few examples:

  • Breakfast morning every term for existing and new families with a review of major events happening within the school during the term from the Headmaster and an introduction to the activities organised for parents. This is followed by a quick tour of the school for new parents and, of course, a yummy breakfast!!
  • Monthly Focus Groups discuss topics of interest for parents. These are our upcoming topics
    • Charity focus - how to be aware of, support and volunteer for charities in Romania
    • Bullying – how to spot and help deal with this phenomenon
    • Nutrition – how to understand, prevent and deal with eating disorders
    • Holiday time - are you and your children ready for it

There are always lots of opportunities to be an active parent within the school community. Get involved and use Friends of BSB to voice your opinion and ideas!

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