Toddlers' Group

Come Along to Toddlers' Group

The British School of Bucharest Toddlers’ Group is a fun and creative group led by parents and is suitable for children under four years of age. The group is run at the school every Monday from 09:00 to 10:45 using school facilities. All members of the community are very welcome to come along and join in. If you have any questions or would like to register your place, then please contact us at

Each week, the parents sing songs, read stories, play together with the toddlers and provide a healthy snack to share and eat together. The aims of the group are to develop the children’s motor skills through a variety of fun activities that encourage creativity and to further social interaction by communicating, sharing and playing.

Toddlers really enjoy playing with lots of exciting and engaging toys and joining in the fun with other toddlers.

“Toddlers’ Group is the highlight of our week!”

Toddlers’ Group is particularly constructive for those children who are ready for a more formal setting than playing at someone’s house but are not yet attending nursery full time.

“Even though we have only been to the Toddlers’ Group a few times, we really enjoyed it. It was well planned, and my son had a lot of fun and keeps asking me to take him again.”

Judy Andrea

We also received the following reviews from parents:

“My son asks every day if we can go to Toddlers’ Group! He has learned so much about sharing and socialising with the other toddlers and babies that attend. He has also learned to be independent and happily leaves me to go and play by himself, which is a real pleasure to see. We are thankful that the British School of Bucharest and the parents at the school provide this group!”


“With all the excitement and all the impressions that she absorbs each Monday morning, our daughter is usually ready for a long, long nap when we get back home… and that’s just another thing we love about the Toddler Group.”


“The coordinators are doing a fantastic job making everyone feel welcome and organising snacks and crafts every Monday. There is a clear structure to the morning, but at the same time lots of time for children to explore and (in our case) crawl around.”


“Our favourite part is the singing at the end. In our family, we don’t speak English at home, so having contact with the English language is yet another advantage that we enjoy.”


“For me as a mum, the Toddler Group is a great chance to meet other parents and to learn from them. Hearing lots of languages besides English is also exciting.”


“There are so many toys to play with and also fantastic resources for crafts offered by the school.”


“We absolutely love the British School of Bucharest Toddlers’ Group! Our baby girl joined the group as a baby (4 months).”