Curriculum at the British School of Bucharest

The British School of Bucharest offers the National Curriculum for England, which is often referred to as the British Curriculum. One of its great strengths is the level of individual, tailored support it affords pupils from a very young age, with students learning at the pace and intensity that suits them, even within a single lesson.

The curriculum provides a very broad education from the early years and then becomes more specialised as students’ progress through IGCSE/GCSE and on to A level. Education at our school is divided into:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
    • Pre-Nursery (aged 2-3) *
    • Nursery (aged 3-4) *
    • Reception (aged 4-5) *
  • Primary School (Year 1-6, aged 5-11) *
  • Secondary School (Year 7-13, aged 11-18) *

* the age of the child on 31st August for a September start

We enhance the curriculum with an extensive extra-curricular and co-curricular programme, which includes the inspiring BSB University courses that help pupils develop key skills.

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