Moving on to University

Moving on to University from the British School of Bucharest

A successful Sixth Form is essential for any student considering applying to any universities in the UK, Europe and worldwide. A level courses are internationally acknowledged as evidence of the most demanding and rigorous intellectual training. They are unique in providing an unrivalled depth of study in a few specialist subjects.

After two years of A Level study, British School of Bucharest students will have developed the kind of subject knowledge often only acquired during the first year at university in many other countries. A Level also develops broad study skills and an ability to think and argue critically, preparing students fully for the challenge of studying at world-class universities.

Studying for A Levels at the British School of Bucharest

In Year 12, students are recommended to choose a maximum of four A Level subjects. Where applicable, external examinations take place in June. Students must pass Year 12 courses to move on to full A Level courses.


To study for A Level courses, Year 12 students need to:

  • achieve at least five IGCSE/GCSE passes at grade C and above (or equivalent)

  • show previous success in their chosen subjects, when applicable (There are some A Level subjects that candidates can take without any previous experience, notably: Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Computer Science and Psychology.)

In Year 13, most students will pursue three of the original subjects or, in exceptional cases, four.

A Level subject options at the British School of Bucharest:

  • English Literature

  • Mathematics

  • Further Mathematics

  • Business Studies

  • Economics

  • Physics

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Geography

  • History

  • Psychology

  • Modern Languages: French, German, Spanish or Mandarin

  • Computer Science

  • Music

  • Art & Design

  • Drama & Theatre

  • Media Studies


To move on to university, students will usually require passes in three A Level subjects, though university placements and entry requirements will vary. It is essential that students research their chosen institutions and courses carefully and the British School of Bucharest Universities Team will assist students with this. Universities will make conditional and sometimes unconditional offers to students, with entry being dependent on students achieving the grades specified by the individual universities.

It is important to note that some universities have minimum IGCSE/GCSE requirements, some require that there are no resits and some require passes in certain subjects. The following subjects (known as ‘facilitating’ subjects) are required most often and therefore will not limit students in their choice of course:

  • Mathematics and Further Mathematics

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Geography

  • History

  • English

  • Modern Languages: French, German or Spanish

You could read more about destinations and degree choices of our students at the University Destinations page.

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