Design & Technology

Developing Design Skills with the Latest Technologies

Studying Design Technology (DT) is a creative process involving the application of knowledge and skills through the designing and making of products. It is a subject in which elegant ideas lead to products of flair and creativity. The British School of Bucharest students combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make innovative products that meet human needs. The Creative Faculty vision empowers students to be responsible, self-directed and adaptable learners.

The school’s large and spacious DT workshop is fully equipped to promote insight into the design process and develop essential design skills. We maintain a good balance for pupils between traditional handwork skills and the use of computers to design and manufacture. Students learn to make effective use of the latest CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology within our DT facility, including a laser cutter, a CNC router, a vinyl cutter and 3D printers. Combined with our range of modern computer-controlled machines for routing, milling and turning and utilising more traditional skills in wood materials and plastics, students learn practical skills through collaboration, communication and reflection.

Design plays a key role in today’s society. Individuals, companies and nations are affected at every level by the work of designers, not only in industry but in all aspects of professional and everyday life. The Design Technology Department’s philosophy embraces the need to equip all pupils for the world in which they will live and work, as well as developing the needs of those who will eventually pursue careers in a design-related discipline.

Students are taught Food Technology in a well-equipped Food Technology Studio. During lessons, they gain an understanding of different cooking techniques and food safety while discovering the importance of healthy eating – all essential skills for their future lives.

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