F1 in Schools

F1 in Schools

Our students strike again! Team Malaxa represented Romania at the "F1 in schools" competition in Singapore!

Malaxa’s car track time ranked 12th out of 50 teams worldwide in the final "F1 in schools" competition, in Singapore!! We are so proud of our 5 young engineers and entrepreneurs, Emilia (Team & Marketing Manager), Lara (Graphic Design & Marketing Manager), Andrei (Financial Executive), Pavel (Manufacturing Engineer) and David (Manufacturing Engineer)! The only team representing Romania in this competition prepared tirelessly, for almost two years, to create a unique concept car and to make it as realistic as possible. Not only does it look magnificent, this beast performs like a real F1 car!

What was the challenge about? Malaxa had to design and build a miniaturized car model that can reach 100 km/h, with an aerodynamic design, utilising compressed air propulsion.

What did our fantastic students do? They created a miniature F1 model, a unique concept car made of polyurethane foam miniaturised to a scale of 1/20th and projected on a 1/20 scale. It has aluminum wheels of less than 0.5mm thick and the whole car weighs less than 40g (unpainted). It sports titanium axles and complex aerodynamics, resembling a real F1 car.

Competing against 50 teams worldwide was not at all easy. The projects were judged by over 45 specialists from the industry, Formula 1 and education, taking into consideration the car’s speed and performance, alongside the team’s marketing strategy, graphics, financial plan and sponsorship strategy. After all these areas of review were taken into account, Team Malaxa was ranked 34th out of 50 teams worldwide.

"This experience has taught us the level we have to reach, who our competitors are and how a final like this actually works. My students had the opportunity to experience, first hand, the complexity of the World Final and learnt a great deal about what the judges are looking for and the importance of even the smallest details", said Tudor Atanasiu, Malaxa’s team teacher.

The feeling of pride to represent Romania in this competition is motivating the 5-member team further, who are now thinking ambitiously for the next edition: "First of all, we are so happy to have reached our goal of participating in Singapore’s Final! Being the only team representing Romania, in this contest, means a lot to us! It was just like being in a real Grand Prix! Secondly, being team manager has shaped me into the leader I’ve aspired to be my whole life and I can finally say that I’ve had experience in this domain, but not enough. I’ve chosen to compete again in the 2019 World Finals, together with my team, who are now even more motivated to achieve a higher ranking next year. I love everything about this project and I strongly advise everyone to break the mould and dare to dream. Romanian students need this opportunity to thrive, like we did, and I’m so excited to be the person to kick start this concept!", said Emilia, Malaxa’s team manager.

What’s next? Be prepared, Malaxa strikes again! Having this Final’s experience fresh in their minds and learning so much from it, our students are determined to compete again, being even more motivated to achieve a higher ranking next year. Tudor hopes the team reaches a position in the top 10 with the car, and possibly even an award in next years’ competition. We wish this for them too! Team Malaxa all the BSB family is supporting you 100%, congratulations for all your hard work for this Final and we wish you loads of luck for next year’s showdown! Keep those motors revving!

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