Applying to Universities outside the UK

Individual universities and colleges have different entry requirements and application procedures, which the School can advise on and assist with. The vast majority of universities recognise A Level grades as suitable entry qualifications for higher level studies.

Applying to universities in the US

Students applying to the USA should carefully check the application requirements and procedures, as they are individual to each university. Many use the Common Application portal (Common App), which can be administered through School. Students will need to nominate two or three reference writers, after discussion with the University Guidance Counsellor. Many universities and colleges have removed the requirements for students to take the SAT or ACT (a test-optional policy) but students should check carefully to make sure this applies to them. SATs and ACTs can be taken locally if needed. Many universities recognise the strength of the A Level qualification and will grant credit towards the degree for each A Level, meaning students have already passed part of their course before even enrolling in the US.




Princeton University


Yale University

Brown University


Applying to universities in Europe

There are numerous websites which help students to find suitable universities, courses and entry requirements. Many of these also provide information about the education systems in specific countries allowing students to make informed choices about the course they might select and the location in which they would like to study. The countries which offer the most courses taught in English are Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Italy, with the first two being the most common destinations based on a combination of academic excellence and variety of courses offered.

Once possible universities have been identified, students should go to the university’s own website and check the available courses and entry requirements. Most application portals are online and require copies of passports, school transcripts (which can be requested from the University Guidance Counsellor) and personal details. There will be other documents required by the university to support their application, each of these is individual to the course but might include a letter of motivation, a CV, an entrance test or an interview.

University of Helsinki

University of Munich

University of Moscow

Utrecht University

University of Oslo

University of Paris

University of Copenhagen

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

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