Applying to Universities outside the UK

Applying to Universities outside the UK

Individual universities and colleges have different entry requirements and application procedures, which the school can advise on and assist with. All universities recognise A Level grades as suitable entry qualifications for higher level studies.

Applying to universities in the US

Students wishing to apply to American universities are advised to study for and take SAT papers set by the education authorities in the US. These are taken externally at a recognised centre. However, an increasing number of US institutions accept candidates on the strength of A Level performance alone and all recognise the value and strength of A Level qualifications. Indeed, in many subjects, students gain credits at university for high A Level passes.

Harvard MIT

UCLA Princeton University

Stanford Yale University

Brown University Berkeley

Applying to universities in Europe

There are numerous websites which help students to find suitable universities, courses and entry requirements. Many of these also provide information about the education systems in specific countries allowing students to make informed choices about the course they might select and the location in which they would like to study.

Once possible universities have been identified, students should go to the university’s own website and check the available courses and entry requirements. An application form should then be requested from the university’s Admissions Office. Sometimes application forms are available online but usually students need to ask for one to be posted to their home address. There will be other documents required by the university to support their application form.

University of Helsinki University of Munich

University of Moscow Utrecht University

University of Oslo University of Paris

University of Copenhagen Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

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