Building confidence

Building Confidence to Raise the British School of Bucharest Students' Achievements

We understand how important it is for pupils to be happy and confident in a learning environment, particularly in an international school. There are many ways in which our teachers help to raise the British School of Bucharest students’ achievements by building their confidence.

Our school offers English as an Additional Language (EAL) support to all pupils whose first language is not English. The assistance we provide can include sit-in support during lessons, one-to-one support, after-school support and small group work. We are an international English school, and we think of our campus as a ‘slice of Britain sitting in the capital of Romania’. The children benefit greatly from this ‘British feel’ and total immersion approach, which stretches from the classroom to the sports field and everywhere in between.

Through dedicated Learning Support, subject-specific study skills, access to two comprehensive libraries and to well-equipped ICT suites, our teachers and staff help to nurture the British School of Bucharest students’ achievements by providing attentive support over and above curriculum-based learning.

Our Special Educational Needs (SEN) Department works closely with students as required to provide them with opportunities to develop confidence and self-esteem and fulfil their potential.

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