British School of Bucharest Scholarship Programme 2019-2010

The British School of Bucharest has opened 2019 - 2020’s scholarship programme, offering...

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Children Learn Through Play at the BSB Summer School

An educational adventure and an amazing place where children learn with joy. This is the Island of...

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COBIS Conference March 2018

British School of Bucharest was proud to host the 5th COBIS Marketing Conference, on 15-16 March...

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Great destinations for BSB Students

The University of Cambridge and The University of Pennsylvania are among the top universities chosen...

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How to Build from Scratch Formula 1 Cars and Electric Cars

BSB is that school in Romania where students build from scratch Formula 1 cars and electric cars –...

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How to Choose the Right University

BSB held the first Bucharest International University Conference to help students to choose the best...

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​Maths Lesson for EYFS

Mrs. Victoria Smith, Head of Primary at the British School of Bucharest, offers a short interview to...

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Peter Pan Production March 2018

"Peter Pan" was this year's main Secondary production at British School of Bucharest. There were so...

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Summer School at BSB

PRO TV presents an alternative for busy parents during summer holiday. BSB Summer School is a great...

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The transition from EYFS to KS 1

PRO TV visits our school to understand how BSB helps students to start Primary School....

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