Academic Achievements

BSB – COBIS Maths Challenge

An excellent result for our BSB students at the ‘COBIS / Mangahigh Maths Challenge’. Accepted and...

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Meet Sara, Our Head Girl. She Will Move

Sara is presently a student in Year 13, studying Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Geography,...

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Andrei and Georgina are Heading for

This year, the competition for Head Boy and Head Girl was as fierce as ever and we registered a...

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BSB's Talented Musicians

The 2019 COBIS Music Festival was a real success for the entire BSB team which attended the event...

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BSB students’ academic achievements

BSB students’ achievements in 2018 were again outstanding and we congratulate all our pupils on...

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Early Birds for the Future

The 15th October is the deadline for UCAS applications to all Oxford and Cambridge courses and...

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Engin, One of the BSB Senior Students,

Engin is a Year 13 student who has attended BSB for 14 years. He is currently studying Mathematics,...

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From BSB All the Way to Studying

Alexandru, BSB Head Boy, is currently a student in Year 13. He has attended BSB for the past 14...

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George, a published scientific writer at

We would like to massively congratulate George in Year 10, who has published a scientific article in...

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Harriet is Looking Forward to Moving on

Harriet is currently a student in Year 13. She studies Mathematics, Economics and History. She chose...

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She is Ioana, Our ‘Ivy League’ Deputy

Ioana is currently a student in Year 13. She is studying Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics...

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